Saturday, 31 December 2011

Spinning Cashmere Wool

 I thought it was time that I started spinning the wool that I combed from my Cashmere goats last year, it is so nice to spin even for 30 minutes, its just you and the wheel.
 I spun quite a bit this afternoon and will wash it later as I like to spin with the lanolin in. The goats have just started getting bushy and look as though they may yield quite a good bit next year too. They really needed a thick coat last night as it was very cold and icy. Botticelli actually had some ice stuck to his tail this morning. They now have a better covered area to sleep as the roof that blew off, is now going on slowly and that makes me so happy.

Well  I must get ready now for the New Year festivities wishing that the next year brings happiness, peace and love into everyones lives.

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