Monday, 2 January 2012


I like to believe that I'm into being ' green' and into recycling, etc., but I must admit I'm not very good at doing it, I find that it's easier to buy something already finished or new, rather than mess around making something into something else, if you can understand what I'm trying to say. Maybe I have it too easy. I do re-use my plastic bags though, a small contribution to the earth.

One of my problems is that I save things, like old clothes and fabrics, so as to make patchwork, but heck, have I ever even started one, NO, so I am going to turf out all the old stuff, this is my goal for the month, you see, Ive even given myself a whole month to change my mind, no, I really,really am going to do it. Im sure I never will start a patchwork, even though I would love to.

I have a friend, Tiziana, who I shall give it to, she makes the most gorgeous patchwork bags from all kinds of old clothes. One of her bags was made from the cuffs of old shirts and frilly collars from childrens dresses  it was so clever and so colourful.

I wish I was more dedicated to one thing like her, maybe that is where success lies, but thats how I am and really its not that bad, at least I can say that Im not boring.

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  1. I love the cashmere wool....also patchwork bags are great. You could make those!!