Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Lots of layers today, as there was a chill wind from the North and very grey most of the day,this made me feel very "stay at homey" so after the usual chores, I made some scones and then out came all of the fleece that I had dyed previously, oh I do love the feel and smell of wool and the brightness of the colours. Now I could play with my new embellisher, I have decided to work on the piece of felt that I made yesterday and started embellishing with swirls and circles as my first design, then continued to layer the patterns and colour, this reinforced the felt to a strong fabric. What I discovered though was that I need to work much more on the designing side of making, drawings etc., but shall continue working into it, maybe some hand stitching, which I havent done for a long long time, anyway,we shall see.


  1. Hello there. Is this your own dyed wool from your wonderful sounding goats?

    1. Hi, Welcome and nice to meet you, Thank you for your comment, some of the wool is from my goats, but some is Merino, I dyed the fleece in the microwave, (rough) for making the felt and then embellished on the top of the felt.