Wednesday, 1 February 2012


What a surprise when I opened the shutters this morning, snow.Yes, it had snowed during the night and outside, everywhere was sparkling, clean and bright.

My poor little Mimosa tree looked rather weighted down though,

So today, my schedule went completely out of the window instead of going to weave at the studio, I stayed at home and read at some of my art books, this was something that I said I would do when I retired, that is, to read my art and craft books more thoroughly, I have many that I have hardly ever read, often I've loved looking at them just for inspiration.

(I must add this project to the other 100s of 'things I must do' list)

This afternoon I will go and check that the goats Botti and Pici have plenty of hay in their rack and then I shall settle down with my knitting and maybe watch a film.

I must say I'm glad it snowed today as I quite enjoy taking the occasional day off.


  1. Snow looks are the goats?

  2. I'm very impressed with your welcome panel!!