Saturday, 4 February 2012

Melting snow in a wok

I have to admit that I hate cold weather, for the past 3 days we have had very cold strong winds that blew day and night, Thursday night it snowed and yesterday the icy wind froze everything. Today the wind has finally blown itself out and the sun has appeared this afternoon, thank goodness, as we have no water at the moment and this morning I had to scoop up some snow to melt for washing and flushing the loo, very primitive I must say, but there's an element of fun there. I hope that the water unfreezes by this evening, as the dishwasher is full and I really dont want to wash up.

I worry ever such a lot about animals whether they are getting enough food and water especially in this weather, there are many people here in Italy who dont care for their animals, and I would love to start a campaign, but dont speak the language well enough.
One thing that I do in Winter, is buy big bags of cheap cat food and feed the birds with them, I think they are better than grain as they contain fats, fish, meat and cereals.

Im also very happy that my goats now have their roof on there shed and its very cosy inside.

It was very funny today when I went down to feed them, my dog Lily was playing ' chase me' with Botticelli and they were both chasing around the paddock, it was lovely to see.

I am now going to check their water as it keeps freezing up and the goats are eating much more than usual as there isnt any grass around, I am filling the hay rack twice a day at the moment, but that is the joy of having animals, I love to make sure all of the brood are fed, watered, warm and loved.

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