Sunday, 5 February 2012

Stormy sky

Without water for another day we washed, gypsy style before going off to our friends 99th birthday party lunch, which was so nice, I have lots of photographs of the party, which I will put on tomorrow, but am unsure of putting photos on a blog without consent of the person, so I have taken some more weather ones.
Sorry, thats all I speak about at the moment, but the sky on these pictures was so strange, this black cloud rose out from the sea and came across the country and we were waiting for something to happen, rain, snow, hail, but nothing did, it just passed by. Thank goodness.

A positive note though, the water had thawed into our house when we arrived home but a pipe had burst just outside our house and the water board could not be contacted, so a lovely hot bath and the dishes are being washed, what will tomorrow bring.

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