Monday, 6 February 2012


In the Himalayas there are many monks that live in the mountains without contact with the outside world. They meditate to enormous gongs suspending in the rocks that vibrate with the wind that send out the most wonderful medatitive vibrating sounds.
I have a Swedish friend Kari, who is a very spiritual person, he has recently become a Gong Master, although I'm not quite certain of the hierarchy of becoming a Master or even what it actually involves or the meaning, but the sound from the gong is wonderful.

Kari was taught by an Italian Master, Massimo who has played the gong for many years. They recently went to the sea with their gongs and played. I watched a Youtube of them playing and the crashing of the waves, wind and the vibrations of the gong was unbelievable, yesterday they played at a 99th birthday party to raise the energies, I loved it, but, some of the people at the party actually raised their eyebrows a little instead, you could actually feel the sound.

If you ever get the chance to listen or participate in a gong banging session, believe me, it is most rewarding and also,somehow,very spiritual .

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