Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Ive been thinking quite a lot recently about the creative things that Ive done over the years and although I have had fun doing the projects and have committed myself totally at the time, I find it hard to pinpoint one medium that Ive been totally satisfied with, but have always continued searching for new ventures.

Digging deep into my thinking, I believe that I have loved all of the things that Ive done, but why do I always get a pang of envy when I look at some people who have worked for years with the same medium, and somehow they always look so confident and satisfied.

I continue to ask myself, Where am I going wrong?

I have lots of unfinished projects lying around and I have no problems with that, but one of my main bear bugs is that I have two cashmere goats which take up a lot of my time, money and energy, and in a couple of months time, I shall be combing them for their wool, that I intend to spin, but I didn't do much with last years wool, so this morning I have spun some with silk and dyed it, dried it on the stove and knitted some squares, ooh I feel another project coming on, not quite sure what it is though, but it was lovely to do and the squares are so pretty. I shall now continue to finish spinning last years wool, why do I feel so smug and content? Will it last?

I am going to try very hard to accept that is how I work and how I was made.

It is'nt wrong or a bad to want to change occasionally, in fact it's quite exciting

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