Friday, 17 February 2012


I just wanted to intoduce you to one of my cats Bailey, he is an Exotic Shorthair and his colour is cream, he was named after Baileys Cream. He is such a darling, we love him to death. He is a very lazy boy and sleeps most of the time, in one of the 4 catbeds that are around the house, but,yesterday I was about to hang up my skeins of wool that I had dyed and guess who was curled up amongst it? but Baily, he looked so sweet.


  1. Im sure his coat could be spun or made into felt

  2. Gazza is reading this over my shoulder. I should mention that Gazza is the Whippet X referred to in my blog from time to time. You will appreciate, therefore, why any reference to any cat as a 'gorgeous boy' is not meeting with his approval!