Sunday, 19 February 2012

Bun Sunday/Beginning of Lent

In Norway they celebrate the first day of lent 'Bun Sunday' by cooking and eating little round buns. Today, we were invited for afternoon tea by our Norwegian friends.

As usual I forgot to take my camera because the table was beautifully set with blue and white china and would loved to have recorded it. The buns were so delicious, and looked so good, warm and sweet, filled with cream and jam or custard. Well, even though I had eaten a huge lunch I ate two buns and a waffle, I now feel very stuffed and sleepy.

Also here in Italy they celebrate this week as 'Carnival time', the children dress up and confetti is thrown everywhere, today, in Canino where I live, they had a procession with floats etc. then a church service afterwards. I suppose it is a rather nice tradition, at least the children have a good time, but not sure where Lent comes into it.

Im sorry I havent an appropriate photograph for this particular blog, so I thought I would show you the doll that I made some time ago, she looks rather Carnivali, or she's had one too many.

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