Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Food blog

I'm wondering if I should keep two blogs as I am always talking about food and love to cook, I noticed that other people had a different blog for different hobbies, etc. so I wondered if I should have one with food ideas and recipes too. It could be good fun.

On the other hand I'm not quite sure that its a good idea, do I have the time, I ask myself?, also that, I may put on more weight by trying out different foods and recipes.

Today I went to the market that is held on a Tuesday with my friend Lorraine and her dog Marie, and saw these cakes in the little grocery shop, I did not buy any, I was very controlled and held back, I just took some photographs.

I will think about doing it very carefully, but have seen some really good blogs that just concentrate only on food. What does anyone else think?

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