Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Today has been so so windy again, I find it so tiring, so I spent most of the day organising a craft area in the house, because I change what I am, from day to day, haha, and everywhere seemed to be cluttered with my things, wool, knitting, sewing, painting, feltmaking, drawing materials in almost every room, usually when the weather is warmer I use my studio outside where I make as much mess as I want, but it was getting a bit silly, especially when I had a large cardboard box full of drawing materials, what do you need to draw with some pencils and paper, the box was full of ??? Im not quite sure but Ihave made some progress.

I then went down to check my goats and give them their evening hay, I petted and played with them for ages, I love it when its cold outside and it is so cosy inside their shelter with lots of hay.

This year I havent shut them in at night, because Im a little afraid that they may get bored and Picasso is such a bully to Botticelli, that at least he can run outside if he needs to, this way seems to work well at the moment. They also have a routine in the evenings, around 5.30 they go into their shelter where they settle down there in the warm, it's so cosy and smells so nice.


  1. Those goats enjoy the life of riley (it seems to me!)

  2. Your not alone with the Wind - today we had it so bad again that I am amazed we are all still O.K but the wind is not over so keep us in your thoughts. I am so thrilled to become a follower - you sound so much like me - today when the wind took it out of me a spent some time cleaning up and organizing the fiber prep room before getting back to the carding machine. Your animals look so sweet.