Friday, 24 February 2012


I feel like a fraud where the weather is concerned, today the sun was wonderful, we were without coats, we also had lunch outside and worked most of the day, pruning our baby olive trees. Everywhere at the moment here in Canino, all you can hear are, saws cutting and pruning the big olive trees, So the goats are getting loads of vegetation at the moment. My goats absolutely love olive, also the bark, (say no more,) a few months ago they escaped from their paddock and apart from eating all my new vegi plants they chewed off a lot of bark from our olive trees, I pretended that I didnt know what they had done, and guess what? today, Ive been caught out, because, goat teeth marks have been noticed on the trees.
Aaaaaaaaaaah, punishment again!!!!!!!!

I did a some tractor driving practice too, as I need to use it next week as I will be mucking out the animal houses as I must admit I havent done them for a while, so will need the tractor to cart the poo and straw away, the same goes for my house, it's desperately in need of a bit (no, a big) scrub, but the animals come first, the house can wait.