Friday, 27 April 2012

It was such a beautiful day yesterday,warm sunshine all day.
 I had to go out most of the day with my husband as he has organized an 'Open microphone'  evening on Saturday and we had to go to buy different things for the evening, organizing chairs and  tables etc., He organized a similar evening a few months ago and it went really well, it gives musicians a chance to play in front of a smallish audience, just to give them confidence and experience.

 Its very interesting how word gets around though, because we have lots of different types of musicians and poets coming to play, even today we have had a call from a very very elderly gentle-man who would like to come and play some traditional music with his accordion, I cant wait to hear him, I think it will be a great night, the last time we had it, people brought their own food and wine and any left over was put on a table for anyone that was a little hungry later.

In the evening I went to my art class, it was such a lovely evening our teacher Martin decided to take us to the shores of Lake Bolsena to paint, it was wonderful experience, the light kept changing as the evening went on , the lake looked amazing. I did a couple of watercolours and was fairly pleased with outcome. Watercolour is such an easy thing to take around isn't it?its so portable. Not easy to do though, well, that's what Iv'e found but I am really really enjoying doing it.'

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  1. How exciting - can't wait to hear more. I will be there in spirit... Your painting class sounds so relaxing and full of wonderful sharing moments with folks of like spirit - I envy you.