Thursday, 3 May 2012

Saturday Open Mic..

Whew, what a busy few days I cannot believe its almost the weekend again, just trying to catch up with myself, my feet haven't touched the ground since last weekend when we did the open microphone night.
The building that the music night was held in used to house animals many years ago and the people lived above, The Commune of Capodimonti are gradually restoring it. It's a beautiful building and wonderful that these old buildings are being used, instead of just falling into ruins.
 During the day we went to put in tables and chairs, we bought some tablecloths and candles to try to give it a kind of club atmosphere.
Saturday evening was an absolute success, everyone who said they would come to play, came, so we had all kinds of music, one of the singers Antonio, is Neapolitan,  he sang some songs from Naples, there was also a young Rapper, who was really good,
 The little gentleman I spoke about in my last blog, Pepino,  told us he was 93, played the accordion he came with his younger brother Mario, who is 90 and they did a wonderful duet of old Italian music and song,  after they told funny stories about the old days, the atmosphere was fantastic.
There was such a diversity in the music and also the age> A didgeridoo player and bongo's, some fantastic guitarists and singers.  It was so good too, that some of the people had never played to an audience before, and were very shy and nervous, but were encouraged by the other performers. It was great.
 I must confess, that we did say we didn't want any rock bands or children playing though, that should be another event (not done by us though) I know it's  a bit cruel,, but I don't have the patience that I used to have, ha ha.
The people in the audience were  great, too, lots of different age groups who brought their own drink and suppers.

On Sunday we were up with the lark and cleaned up the Cascina, and all day we had calls  thanking us for a brilliant evening, so that in itself, was well worth the effort we had made. I'm sure the performers were feeling good too, for the energy that evening was very high.
My camera does'nt take very good picis at night I don't know why, but there were a lot put on Facebook, if  anyone is interested.

We have been asked to do another one in June, outside by the lake. So I hope that goes as well as this one did.
Since then there have been umpteen things that Ive been running around catching up with, but am hoping to get back into my fairly regular routine by the weekend.

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  1. Sounds like such a magical time - your kindness, skill and love showed and you gave so many a voice. Wonderful and I so wished I could have been there, not only to meet you but to share in the community cooperation and support. Just wonderful...