Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I was out walking around the fields yesterday and found two little nests that had been knocked out of the trees, probably by magpies, they are so territoral, I think they were both robins nests as I saw two little female robins flying around the area and one of the males was sitting on the tree. So much hard work had gone into the little nests, I cannot imagine how long it took to carry all the wool, hair, feathers, twigs, to complete their tiny little home.

This made me think that how important 'the nest' is for a female. The worst times in my life have been when when Ive felt my nest rocking or being dismantled, this has made me feel so insecure and unhappy.

I thought of how important a home (nest) is to a woman, no matter how big or small it just gives one a feeling of security and belonging, somewhere to go home to, make our mark and scatter our belongings even though they may be very few.

I believe a home (nest) means much more to woman than it does to a man, I may be wrong, but looking around I think Im right.

If ever we thought or think about moving house or if we were or are about to settle down,the first thing we tend to plan, is, how will we make the house nice? or what colour scheme shall I have? We even played house when we were children, Im sure they were mostly girls that played. Do you think building a nest is in-built in most women?, I think so.

So, going back onto the subject, (sorry, i do tend to go off course) I really did feel for the little robins and hoped that they would start to build new ones, it's raining today and I havent seen them around so maybe they have moved on or sitting in a tree planning the next build.


  1. I feel so sorry for the poor robins who had their gorgeous nest destroyed. Nature can be so cruel....yes, Janet...I like your musings about a nest. I guess you were thinking of your old mate. I guess at one level it doesn't really matter what the nest is long as it can be made a safe and secure home... my time will come - sooner rather than later!! xx

  2. Janet - Robins are nothing if not resilient. My friend has one sitting on a nest in a flower pot right by his potting table. I am sure, this early in the season, that they will re-group! Hilary