Friday, 13 April 2012

Waiting for a miracle

My creative life has suddenly started to stir again, I have been doing quite a lot of drawing lately and am now trying to think of ideas of how to develop them. Ive tried doing a daily journal but that just didnt suit me, but I love to blog so that really is the same for me. I have been trying watercolours too, I have done a lot of art in my time but never water colour so it is quite a challenge and much different from oils and acrylics, but it is a nice thing to do if you go out for the morning etc. I have joined a group and next week we are going to the lake to paint, Im really looking forward to it, it should be good fun.

Finally, two days ago, I had to give in and visit the doctor after feeling so ill, on and off for almost a month and was told I had a throat infection on top of all the other ailments that went with this horrid virus that Ive had, but after just two antibiotic tablets, I really do feel much better. Its a good thing because this morning I went for my annual ecograph and everything was clear, I always get quite anxious when it's due which probably didnt help the bug that I had, but now I can breath a sigh of relief for another year.

So this afternoon after a very nice celebration lunch, I thought I would take a look at my embellisher that I bought myself as a treat some months ago, I havent really looked at it since the first exciting weeks, so I had a little play and it was so good to be with felt and colour again. I have to admit that I dont really know where to start with the pieces I have, it is all very pot luck and experimental. Im hoping for some miracle to happen and a fabulous idea will come into my head, Im not too sure about cushions etc, I thought it may be a little dated.

Any ideas anyone?

In the meantime, I'll just wait for the miracle to happen.


  1. Good news about your ecograph!! xx

  2. Enjoy the painting group. It is good to find people to be creative with.

  3. Glad to hear that your on the mend and that your test was good news. The painting groups sounds incredible and it will help in getting those creative juices flowing. Not sure what to recommend on your felt piece - sometimes you just have to wait for it to tell you. Enjoy and sending healing thoughts.

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