Sunday, 15 April 2012


After a very wet, grey, chilly day yesterday, this morning was beautiful, freshly washed and sparkling by the bright warm sun.

Our field is full of wild flowers that had popped up after the rain and the grass has started to green up, colour is everywhere at the moment.

I spent most of the morning preparing and cooking, as we had 6 friends come over to eat lunch with us.

Lunch was very a International mixture of people, as two of our friends are Norwegian, one German, and three Italians, and us two English, so the conversations were very funny and we laughed a lot, because we and the Norwegians don't speak very good Italian, also, they didn't speak hardly any English, so a strange contrast of a made-up language went on.

It was a lovely time and lunch lasted for about 5 hours and we chatted constantly, so when you want to make yourself understood, it's easy, thank goodness for sign language too.

I was given a lovely bunch of wild flowers by one of our male guests, I thought this was such a nice thoughtful thing to do(for a man) not that I'm prejudice, but it's usually a woman thing, isnt it? especially wild flowers.

I love to be given gifts that have been handmade or haven't cost any money, its much more personal.

I will try to do the same in the future, instead of searching around the shops for gifts etc. My flowers look so pretty, they didn't cost anything but were picked and given with kind thoughts.

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  1. What a magical day - lovely flowers and I am sure you made the men feel so special.