Sunday, 13 May 2012

Had a trip to the canoe club this morning, just to see when things will start to happen for the summer,  we were surprised that there were only three people there as the lake was like a millpond, they were  getting the the garden and the clubhouse ready for the opening. Its such a nice place to go,

with not too many members, we spent a quite lot of time there last summer, canoeing, picnicking, a few bbqs, and a friendly, simple, social place to go without any airs or graces.
 I used to knit there, without any distractions.

 Last year they organised a trip across the lake, first going to a mass in a little church, and then on to a restaurant by the waterside, we all canoed back in the dark, some of the very experienced people had big torches so we had to follow them, I must say I thought it was a bit scary, as the weather on the lake can change very quickly, but we did it. I'm not sure I'll do it again though, I like to see where I'm going. I may drive round to the restaurant next time;

Today, on the waters edge, there were two families of geese with there young ones, they are so sweet, all fluffy and yellow, and couldn't resist taking some photographs. 

We are expecting a high North winds from the mountains this evening, so having to go round now to check that everything is put away or tied down.  

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