Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Had a fairly nice day, went to the market this morning, bought a few plants for the patio, I think my patio is looking quite nice at the moment and will add more plants as the weeks go by.

I made some meatballs this afternoon, they look pretty horrible on the photo, but are quite delicious when in the rich tomato sauce, I put little pieces of cheese inside so they are quite unique. We love them.

Tomorrow I'm taking Bailey my cat, back to the clinic for his blood test, he is eating very well and is as laid back as he usually is, but his eye still isnt right,Ive done everything the vet has told me to do, but when I try to give his antibiotic pill he he hyperventilates to yesterday I stopped giving it because he was so stressed and I cannot do that to him, so we will have to see what happens tomorrow.


  1. Love to Bailey x The patio looks great - can't wait to see it xx

  2. That cat looks well content with his Italian life - which I bet involves lots of lying about on the patio!