Saturday, 12 May 2012

The warm weather has arrived

At last the hot weather has arrived, I think I'm a new person, how I love the sun, the temperature rose to over 80 today. I get a little sleepy in the afternoons. so for, half an hour after lunch I try to take a little doze on the swinging bed. Heaven... except, the ruddy flies and bugs that eat the pollen from the pine trees have arrived, so there's a lot of nibbling, swatting and not much rest.

We had some friends come over for supper last night and we actually had the first course outside on the patio,it was so warm, we watched the sun go down, the sky was stunning, I tried to take some photographs, but my camera never take very good pics at night.

I've spent a creative afternoon in my workshop warping up the loom< yes its almost finished, it is quite a slow process for me, but so therapeutic, as I can look over the paddock where the goat and hens are, nice!!!!

One day last week I went to get the washing out of the machine and my phone was looking at me from inside the door, I couldn't believe it, it was well and truly busted, so I have been without a mobile for a few days, I decided to get the cheapest one I could find as I had never used the camera or any other things on my old phone, so today I bought a little tiny one, that suits me fine. (another boring story) Then my husband stood on his glasses and broke the frame, we must be getting clumsy in our old age.
 I really think its important though, to carry a phone, when I'm out with the goats or driving.

I do hope you all have a lovely Saturday evening, I love Saturday tele, all the English programmes we have saved for the weekend, quick dinner, glass of wine and some chocs and fruit., luxury.
Yes, I know I'm an old  fogey

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  1. Send us some of that weather. Here in blighty things are so grim that the tomato seedlings seem to have blight before they have even go going!