Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Surprise, surprise.

I really don't know where the time flies, yesterday morning I was about to do the usual chores when my husband suggested that we went to Ladispoli to the market, I love to go there as the market is brilliant and I always come home with some kind of a bargain so I immediately said yes, so off we went.
I like to go off alone to browse and buy, so we met later for a delicious frothy cappuccino, then went to buy some porcetta, which is stuffed roast pork with crispy skin with a chunk of white pizza then, took it onto the beach, which is a 5 minute walk, there we had our picnic lunch on the sand.

 And,  although the sun was shining, it wasn't so hot, but there were a few people on the beach with bikinis on, sunbathing, also, there was a man actually in the sea, ( they must have been Scandinavian, for they think its so warm here, when it isn't.) It was a lovely morning though.

Today has been a little stressful, I was at the vets most of the morning, as my cat Bailey has had a swollen eye for a couple of days, although Ive been putting antibiotic drops and cream into it, it hasn't changed or done much good. He is so lovely, and I hate to see him so unhappy. Unfortunately, the result was that he has herpes conjunctivitis and has to have some blood tests next week, which I do hope and pray he doesn't have the herpes virus, because two years ago I lost one of my cats Sapphire to it, and it was a horrible time, and cost a fortune, so bang  goes my holiday savings. Why are vet fees and medicines so expensive? especially when we want to do our best for our animals.
Anyway on a happier note, I have spent the afternoon, planting, making yogurt, cooking lunch, a bit of shopping, hung out three loads of washing, and now am exhausted, so an early night for me.

 Oh!!!! my husband has just made me, two lovely, boiled, home laid eggs and some toast.
 Surprises will never cease, I'm so spoilt, do you think he got out the cookery book?  (ha ha)


  1. Lovely time at the market - sounds incredible. I will keep your dear sweet cat in my prayers and hope it will all be resolved very soon. Nothing like home laid eggs and toast - Good job Husband...

  2. Sorry to hear about Bailey xxxxxxxxx

  3. Thank you for your thoughts, Bailey is taking his medicine very well, but his eye is still a little swollen, Im sure he will be ok.