Monday, 7 May 2012

I've had a good day today, sun was shining, so thought I had better go out and look around to see what damage the rain did yesterday, it just poured down all day and night, so this morning everything is looking a little bedraggled and steamy. I had planted up my pots and window boxes last week and they looked a little sad and very very wet. I planted out 36 tomato plants and some beans and celery, everything has shot up so quickly.

With all the rain and then the warm sunshine has brought out so many lovely wild flowers in the fields even the wild asparagus is early this year.

We lunched outside today, we just had an avocado, with dressing and some bruschetta with tomatoes, oil and garlic, so simple but delicious, I had a little snooze in the sun, and then thought I must go in tidy up the kitchen.

 I was just about to move the dogs bed and notice a little white thing sticking out, under the bottom of the dresser, thinking it was a dog toy, I put my hand underneath and pulled it out, ARHHHHHH and dropped it very quickly, it looked like an alien, but of course it wasn't, it was a potato with lots of roots coming from it, goodness knows how long it had been under there, which doesn't say much for my housekeeping does it?
But it frightened the life out of me. I had a good laugh about it later, with a cup of tea with some home-made scones with strawberries and cream, while I was thinking that I must plan to do some serious spring cleaning soon.(This year)
I then went for a walk with the boys, dogs and chickens, which was a bit hairy today, the goats were very frisky for some reason, charging around, they even nibbled the bark on the olives. which they haven't done this year, so the walk was brought to a quick halt as my husband was around and may have seen them chomping at his olive trees.

My warp is about to be threaded into the heddles now, so progress with my weaving is being attained, but unfortunately progress with the crochet isn't too good though, but I wont let it get the better of me, I know I'm a bit slow at learning something new.

I love wild flowers, they are so so beautiful, I think I've said this before in a post, but they are free for us to see.

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  1. all the wild flowers look gorgeous, especially the poppy field...we did have about 20 mins of sun today - so perhaps or flowers will start to flourish!! I've got a couple of tomato plants but have kept them in the kitchen because it's so cold outside.....