Thursday, 26 July 2012

Mosquito bite cure

Sunday afternoon brought strong winds from the mountains I hate the wind because we live in between the sea and the mountains and a volcanic lake, so one never knows quite which way it will turn. Sand, volcanic dust, dust from the fields, and cement (there's a cement factory a few kilometers away), flew around like a mist for two days. We were expecting rain, but there was a few minutes of it, and the wind has continued to dry up the ground.

 It cooled the air a little but the mosquitoes are out in full force, and they are delighted with our blood, my husband and I have been bitten every where, yes I  mean everywhere, even when we cover ourselves completely we still have bites.
 I have invented a brilliant cure for  mozi bites though, I don't know how I come to doing it but, I put olive oil and sage leaves in a bottle and shake it whenever I think about it, if you put this on the bite as soon as possible, also every time it itches apply a little of  the oil, the swelling and itching usually goes down within a day. I have found this is very effective, I'm trying to find something that actually stops mosquitoes liking me but so far I haven't found a cure. They just love me.

I have also been making tomato sauce this week for the freezer, I haven't the energy to bottle this year so the freezer will have to do. I also made some pesto, I have some lovely purple basil that I want to collect the seeds from, it looks so good in a salad bowl.

 We planted a few more cabbage plants this week and some ponterella seeds, I wanted to plant some more beetroot, but the last lot didn't sprout, so I'm wondering if its the wrong time or too dry. 
On the whole, we have done pretty well from our garden this year, I am so happy we did it synergenically this time, it has saved us a lot of work and has kept the ground moist much longer. 

The photo of the few tomatoes were brought to me by my daughter, she has  a friend who works in the Vatican gardens and grows vegetables etc for the Pope and he had too many and he was giving them to his friends. ???????????????Holy tomatoes. Mine are much bigger.!!!!!!

I'm still painting and am really happy with what is happening to my canvases they change daily to my mood and creativeness.
I have also signed up for an e-course from the website,, there are lots of free courses from some Universities in the USA, the course I've chosen is Greek and Roman Mythology, its a 10 week course, starting in September, I thought it would be good to do during the winter months and I loved Greek Mythology when I was young. I'm looking forward to starting it.

Tonight is White Night down at the lake I'm not even sure what it stands for, but there is a market and music, food, which is supposed to go on all night long, but Ive never stayed that late.  I think it is a money making stint really, yes I know I'm a miserable sod, we have Festas going on, the whole summer long, even the Festa of the sausage, I mean,I don't want to be a kill joy but, haha, what can you celebrate about a sausage?, only that it tastes good, or some little pig has been killed to fill it.

Well Im off now to steal some olive tree branches that I found on the ground the other day, they will only be burnt so my boys will have olive leaves for supper tonight.
Can anyone enlighten me why I have some highlights in some of my blog.?

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  1. You have tomatoes!!!! All I have to show for my nurtured little seedlings is a few stumps the slugs left and a few plants rotted by blight!

    Gardening envy!!