Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic games

 Even though I am always saying how much I dislike sport for one thing and another, Wow, Ive just spent the morning watching the opening of the Olympic Games in London, which is just up the road to where I was born.
 It was a very moving and sensitive ceremony and I have to say I shed a tear or two, it was wonderful to see so many smiling, happy , friendly faces from all over the world in their traditional costumes, all in one place. I know it will never be but, I just prayed that peace should always prevail not only in sport.
The finale of the opening ceremony was absolutely stunning, I'm not quite sure who designed the sculptural flame at the end, I will look it up later, but it was fantastic, such an inspiration and I felt very proud to be English, also, good old Paul McCartney, he is an icon to British music, I didn't quite know if he was emotional when he sang Hey Jude, but his voice was a little quavery, and Mohammad Ali, I really did weep when I saw him, I was a big fan of his, in my youth.

I very rarely watch TV during the day but I have to admit I enjoyed every minute of the ceremony. 
I know I will be doing a bit of grumbling for the next few weeks as my husband adores any kind of sport so the TV will be on quite a bit. But it will not be forever and I'm sure there will be something that I will watch and enjoy.

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