Thursday, 2 August 2012

No time

I really havent been able to blog this week for time has taken over and I have been very busy trying to organize our annual party etc. I will let you all know about that later, We have also had various things to attend and friends arriving from the UK and it is still so so hot and not a drop of rain which we need drastically. We have seen quite a few field fires too which are very scary, it is so surprising that they are put out so quickly as every where is so dry and crunchy.
 We are continuing to put out water for the wild animals and birds, as they must be finding it difficult, even our pigeons that live in our trees are very slow to fly away when the cats are around.

Yesterday morning we had a shock, my husband shouted to me to look out of the window towards our neighbors house and there under one of her trees were two very large wild boar, I managed to get a photograph but it is quite a way so they look like a little black spot on the pic. They must have come from the forest looking for water.

Our vegetable garden is still struggling to produce but we are getting a few things that we can use, loads of tomatoes though.

Last evening we went to a restaurant in lovely spot overlooking a small lake, we had been invited to a friends birthday dinner, the setting was perfect, before we ate and everyone had arrived we sat under a tree overlooking the countryside and lake, drinking ice cold wine, just as the sun was setting, we had a great time and the food was good too. When we left there was a full moon, it was wonderful and lit up the lake and sky that was full of stars. My camera was playing up again, so there were just a few photos.

  I am going to try to have a lazy evening tonight to catch up with my thoughts and creativity, I'm still working hard at writing the course that I would like to organize during the winter months, and want to start being more serious about putting it in order. One of my friends who has arrived from England is a writer, he has offered to help me put it together, so I am very happy and I really hope it happens.

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