Sunday, 5 August 2012

Weekly catchup

We had a wonderful visit from a whole family of wild boar this morning, yes 6 of them running down the field towards our fence, my husband grabbed the camera but didnt know how to use the zoom, (typical) but it is very rare for them to come so close to the house. It was so nice. I am worried that they are searching for water, as there still hasnt been any rain and the ditches are dry. We are also afraid that the hunters will find them out in the open and shoot them as it is a speciality dish around here, I hate the hunting and have never eaten it nor have the desire to do so. But they were delightful to watch.

We have been out to eat quite a bit this week, we have had two birthday parties and today we went out for lunch.
I was invited last night to participate in a 'gong session', thats not the real name but!!!! two of my friends play the gong, it can be a fantastic experience, we arrived at their place in the country there were about 50 people attending, we were told to lie on the many cushions etc, and the playing started, it was wonderful, they were also playing large Tibetan bowls, crystals, conch shells and pouring water, This went on for about an hour, and the room vibrated with energy and peace.
 One of my friends had brought her little boy and at one time the gongs were really crashing like waves and as they quietened Manuelle started singing Twinkle twinkle little star, it was just the right moment, but a brilliant evening and I am feeling so very energized and relaxed and at peace with myself.

Today we had a lovely morning we canoed across the lake to the town and had a coffee then  paddled back to the club where we met up with some friends from Rome, it was good to get some excercise and the breeze was so cool from the lake.
I am still painting every day and still loving it, although I still havent finished anything yet, but Im sure some of the famous artists, took years to finish a piece of work;
My daughter and family have arrived from the UK and are staying with Melissa at the beach until the end of next week, so we are off to see them all tomorrow as it is her birthday, and will be good to see them all again.

I must be off now to feed the animals etc, I know my blogging is a little ragged at the moment but July and August are usually busy with parties, feasts, guests and usually a little too much to drink.

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