Saturday, 18 August 2012

Visit from Daisy

Its some time since I blogged last, due to having guests, also, my family and the grandchildren are here, we are having a kind of a holiday, out at the beach or lake picnicking or taking a swim, so sitting at the computer seems to be last on the list so Ive decided not to go back in time and start afresh as I will be here writing forever. August, in this house is always a busy time, I try to be more organised but it never really works.
Today is so hot, when I got out of bed this morning we had no water, the whole of the towns main water supply was off, so we were carrying buckets from the well until 2 o'clock this afternoon, the temperature today reached over the 100 mark and I must admit I need to take a nap every afternoon, otherwise I am ready for bed at 8.
 We had a couple of hours rain last week but there hasn't been any sign of any more since then.

We had a visit from a friend today and a lovely surprise, he had brought his dog Daisy who is the mother of my dog Lily, she hasnt seen her mother since we got her as a puppy 3 years ago, it was lovely, they sniffed each other for a long time and then started to chase each other around in circles and played for a long time, I wonder if they remembered they were related? Lily is the one with brown patches,  Daisy has black and of course Maggie the Yorkie had to have a sniff too.

I am constantly picking tomatoes and chillies then making sauces for the freezer and today will start picking the basil for pesto as it's going to seed. The vegetable garden has lots of horrid creeping grass and really should be sorted out but it is like being in the Sahara desert down there and one can only stay for a short while, so each evening is spent trying to pick and pull out a few weeds whilst the watering is being done.

I am very proud also, to say I think Im mastering crochet and I love it, I have been taking it to the beach and do a little each time and it is growing into what I think may be a throw, I am hoping to go to the Knit and Stitch show in the UK in October so will stock up on the wool that Im using at the moment.

I have lots that I want to write but I will stop now as I must go to feed the goats, even they are very lazy. At the moment I'm trying to train bully boy Picasso to go into his part of the shed when he feeds, as he is so bad mannered at feed time, I haven't quite mastered him yet but he has got a lot better.
I do hope I can blog more often now as I miss it very much and feel so guilty when I see others being so  committed.
Have a good evening all.xx


  1. lovely little story about the dogs. They'll remember I am sure! Lovely dogs too! (but to me all dogs are lovely - just ask my family who know how besotted I am).

    Although it must be wearing, I am slightly jealous of your heat! We have, at last, got a sniff of summer here, but I am off to the Quilt Festival today - which is indoors (damn and bother!!)

    Hilary x

  2. Wonderful to have you back at blogging. Sounds like you have been having great adventures and thanks for sharing them with us.... Have a great nap.