Monday, 20 August 2012

We have finally found the energy to pull out the large pool so the children can play in, but that is even difficult because there isnt much shade around without pine needles falling into the water. The children have had a great afternoon and I think I may go and sit in it myself as it looks really cool.

Usually on a Sunday we stay around the house because everywhere is very busy with tourists etc. so my daughters and I did a shared lunch of lasagne, roast pork, potatoes and salad, then we had the biggest water melon I have ever seen, of course there was the usual wine that I said I had given up, but was forced to have a glass or two , it may have even been three, but I love Sunday lunches with the family, it is very old fashioned but seems to be right.
I was also working in my studio in afternoon and across the field came the wild boar family, I havent seen them for a week or so but the have doubled in size, its better that I dont see them really see them  as i know they will probably be shot once the hunting season has started. ooooh

We are off to the airport again this morning as my daughter's boyfriend has decided to pay a visit from the UK, he was going to catch the train from the airport, but it is his first time in Italy and we felt guilty so my soft husband has volunteered to fetch him.
Sorry there are no new pics, camera is playing up again.
Have a good day.

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