Thursday, 23 August 2012

A little sad today my daughter and her children have returned to the UK and the house is so empty although my other daughter Melissa is here until the weekend, My 17 year old grand daughter slept in our house and it was so nice to have a teenager around again, we have had a lovely time together and have had many laughs too, and now we are really back to normal and i'm going to miss them all so much. We had a big family bbq last night and lit the bonfire, and sat around till very late, but had to get up early this morning as they were leaving for Rome airport.

 August seems to have been one big party after another, We all were invited to a brilliant party on Tuesday evening in a piazza overlooking Lake Bolsena, everyone that was invited were asked to bring a plate, fork, a glass and some food for a bbq when we arrived there were two enormous bbqs and we all helped to cook the meat, (well the men) then some musicians started playing guitars, saxaphone, drums, then the dancing started it was great, but Im not as young as I used to be, not that Im complaining of course, I had a lovely time, but I must now look a little closer to what I eat and try to lose the pounds that have gone on to my body over the summer and try not drink quite so much wine and have a few early nights. My health campaign is hoping to start tomorrow.

Tomorrow evening Im off to visit a friend, who lives in up in the hills where she is hosting a yoga weekend, we are going to meet a Tibetan monk called Lobsang Dandhen who will be staying at her house which is set in the middle of nowhere, where we will be practicing his yoga techniques of stretching and breathing,  at sunrise, then sharing breakfast together, then again at sundown, I am really looking forward to it as a reward to my soul, spirit and body after the long hot busy summer.

My little goat Botticelli seems a little under the weather at the moment Im not quite sure what's wrong but he seems to be slightly bloated and is lying around quite a bit, and didnt want his cabbage and carrots this morning, so Im in and out keeping a eye on him, I think he may have eaten bread that I gave to the chickens, I do hope I dont have to call the vet out.
Im off now to get back into my painting where I can also see him.
Looking forward to getting back into my creative mode, I have lots of ideas up my sleeve but it is still so hot and dry, and I feel exhausted even after the smallest chore.
Before I post this I drenched Botti this afternoon, it was a struggle trying to get the syringe of oil and bicarb into his mouth, my helper was a little afraid so things didnt  quite go as easy as it should. But this evening his tummy has shrunk and he ate some carrots. Thank goodness, I worry so much about them.

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  1. I thought goats could eat anything!!

    Your life does sound pretty idyllic you know!

    Hope you enjoy your retreat.