Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Yoga weekend

My yoga weekend was really good. The place where it was held was in a beautiful setting and arriving at sun rise both mornings was a wonderful experience.

I haven't done yoga before as I have had a back problem, so some of the exercises were of the question but it was mainly pranayama breathing that was being taught by an excellent Tibetan monk who had obviously done it since he was a child, it was as though he was made of elastic.

I loved the breathing  exercises, it was like my whole body was filled with new fresh air. I quite surprised myself actually that I could sit crossed legged for such a long period, although found it quite hard to stand up afterwards though, haha
I do hope I can continue to do the exercises now, for I find once at home, things take over and there is never time to take an hour out, just to sit, breathe and stretch......

This is where we were offered herbal seeds to eat, that the Dali Lama had sent for us 

Sunday on the closing my friend Massimo, Kari and Chiara came with their gongs that vibrated through us and the countryside

Agnes performing her healing ritual with the Tibetan bowls, it was a
lovely, memorable weekend.

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