Saturday, 24 November 2012

I know my blog always seems to be about the weather, but its been a lovely week I know lots of people in the UK are suffering floods and bad weather at the moment and I am so happy that I live here, even though there was some flooding here a couple of weeks ago, the sun still shines after a day or two.

I cooked Chinese food last night and my dishwasher has broken so I had quite a lot of clearing up to do this morning, but the sun was shining, I had music playing, so it didnt seem so bad.
My husband drove into town to the local bakers and bought some freshly baked croissants while I made the coffee, and we sat in the outside in the sun and had our late breakfast, it was very nice.

We then went to the beach for a walk with the dogs, the beach was still littered with wood from the storms a couple of weeks ago but the sea was calm and very peaceful.

I walked the goats this afternoon, I haven't done this for a while as I know they would have been nibbling the olive trees and I would be in deep trouble with you know who,haha, but now the Caninesi are harvesting the olives, I am able to collect the branches that have been pruned, the goats had a wonderful feast of the grasses and weeds in the field.

 I was also  surprised at how many different mushrooms and toadstools there were hidden in the long grass, I am not familiar with them so I never pick them to eat but I know many people here in Italy do so. I have bought a book but the poisonous ones looked the same as the edible ones, so I never take chances, there are still a number of wild flowers growing too.
 I love this time of the year, sunny fresh days and cosy evenings inside with the stoves alight, this was the sunset this evening, such a magical time.

Have a good weekend, Jx

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  1. I am so sorry for your weather issues - Mother Nature is slapping us For those of us who care for the earth and leave such a tiny footprint is truly is not fair. I hope all will be safe and calm soon... Lovely pictures and stay by the fire