Thursday, 15 November 2012


Today the weather is lovely, so outside work must be carried out.The roses are still blooming so I  started to prune a couple of them but picked what was probably one of  the last blooms, it was perfect, its strange how it had the survived the storms that we have had.

  We decided that we had to do some very hard pruning on one of our pine trees it had started to lean towards the house and as we have been having some severe weather recently, my husband thought it best that a few of the heavy branches must come off, instead of chopping the whole tree down.
When he actually chopped off the largest branch which we counted 25 circles inside, I almost cried,  it was so beautiful, the needles were so lush and there were cones, beautiful seedlings and new growth sprouting all over but it had to be done, such a pity. I'm sure this happens all the time and we will most probably have to do have to do some of the other trees . We did check first to see if there were any birds nesting in the tree.

I'm off later to my art group, then after going to a friends for dinner, we have had a busy week eating out as one of our friends is back from Norway for a week so everyone is inviting everyone to share dinner for her, it is a bit hectic but have enjoyed it so far also I dont have to cook, and my dishwasher is broken too.

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