Saturday, 14 January 2012

Another beautiful sunset

This time of the year I always feel full of hope. I find that the environment seems to be a large part of this hopeful feeling that I have, it is so good to open the shutters in the morning and see the sun shining, isnt it? 
I tend to talk about the weather a lot which is a rather boring subject but so important to my life. I really am talking about the SUN, I think that I actually worship it, I cannot stand grey,windy days.I know it 's important that we have rain, but honestly, I would prefer the sun because it makes me feel so different.
This year, so far, we have had a great deal of it and I love it and I do hope it has made me a better person.

I have been taking quite a lot of photographs lately, thanks to Blogger, and by doing this, I have been seeing  and taking note much more closely, at things that just go on around us that we take for granted.
Life is so busy sometimes we forget to look at what nature and life has provided for us.
 I was  going shopping yesterday and drove by the lake and the reflections, as the sun was setting, were breathtaking, my photographs do not do justice the the beauty,  how can anyone say there is no God.

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