Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Mellow Yellow

How much longer is my embellisher going to take to come, it's such a pain, especially as I feel very creative at the moment. It's supposed to come tomorrow, but thats what they told me last week. Anyway, patience is virtue, so I'm told. hmmm.
 I've been making felt and dyeing wool this week and was very happy with what I did.

 Yesterday I was very busy most of the day cooking a birthday meal for quite a large number of people, the house was very crowded, there was also a few uninvited guests turn up, but, on the whole, it was quite a successful evening, the more the merrier. After dinner our friend Secondo, played the guitar and we had a sing-song. Today I am very tired  as the evening lasted until very late, so, after the general clean up Ive just taken things easy and been very mellow and just sat around and done my knitting which has been really nice as I don't normally do that during the day, its what I do it in the evening.

I think this must be my mellow yellow mode, as sitting around taking things easy, Ive noticed that there is a lot of yellow in my house at the moment, even some of the cooking that I did yesterday had turmeric and saffron in. As I said in another blog, yellow is such a  happy, bright,sunny colour and makes me think that Spring is very near.

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