Monday, 28 May 2012

Im not a vegetarian, but!!!!!!!

Had a lovely weekend, got a surprise call from some friends that I haven't seen for some time, inviting us for dinner on Saturday evening, so I didn't have to cook,yahoo! but when we arrived they had lamb on the menu, I am not a vegetarian but, here in Italy they kill the lambs when they are still suckling, and I just cannot eat it, as it was also probably their pet, so I ate only the potatoes, there was also tripe, this I have never eaten before and really couldn't bring myself to even taste it, I am not usually squeamish with food at all, but!!!!!!!!!, Im sure it was very tasty.  So, instead, as usual I drank a little too much of the rough red wine that they make, and Sunday was a very very slow day, although I went for a short walk during the morning for a coffee by the sea and I was quite surprised to find that the beach was empty, even though the temperature was almost 80.

We had some warm spring-like showers this morning, so couldn't do too much outside, so washed all the animals bedding and painted a new basket for the cats to sleep in.

Ive started knitting some wrist warmers for the Christmas market that I usually go to, it seems a bit premature but I can sit, knit and watch television in the evening, but cannot while I'm learning to crochet, (that is a very slow process in my brain)I have to watch You tube all the time as my book is quite difficult to follow,  also, while tidying up this morning I found this piece of knitting that I started a couple of years ago, in one of my mad moments, It was going to be a scarf, and looks quite effective, (that's if you finish it of course) What you do is,  just knit random patterns or stripes in the round, using up any little scraps of wool, etc, it can be wide or thin in width, the plan was to make a very long one but again I never got round to finishing it, so I am now going to take it around with me in my handbag, I will knit one row per day, or more if the going is good, so I may get to finish a scarf one day.

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