Sunday, 3 June 2012

Queens Jubilee

It seems quite a while since I last blogged and I do so enjoy writing and have missed doing so.
 I will not go on about my week as again my feet don't feel that they have touched the ground. Is it this time of the year?There is so much to do outside at the moment, the weather has suddenly turned very hot, so everything seems to take a bit longer to do, but I have also felt so very very tired too and have a small anemia problem at the moment, that should be resolved  very soon. So next week, I do hope I am back to normal.

The vegi garden is doing very well except for the flipping slugs and earwigs, they don't seem to sell slug pellets here in Italy so if anyone out there has any ideas or remedies, I will be very grateful.
We decided to BBQ some chicken for lunch, also, I picked some courgettes and fried them in olive oil with garlic and chili, they were very nice but probably fry a little onion with them next time.

It was the Queen Elizabeth's 60th Jubilee celebration today and we hadn't planned to watch it on TV, but after lunch we took a lazy afternoon out, boating on the River Thames even though it was pouring with rain. I must say the pageant, was lovely, I enjoyed it so much, and the Queen looked fantastic for her age.

Tower Bridge was magnificent and I think I have only ever seen it lift up once in my whole life, so when it lifted today to salute the Queen, I must admit I felt very proud and patriotic about the whole celebration. I think England needed a lift and hopefully some happiness and peace into peoples lives. Many people these days do not have much regard for the monarchy, but today, I really think many people have changed their thinking about their Queen and the country.

  I was born and lived all of my childhood,(many moons ago) 500 metres from the Thames, so today the whole London thing, lots of people waving flags, the hooting of horns on the boats, the rain and the River, brought back many beautiful memories of my childhood, and how much we loved and respected the Royal family, etc. I also saw how much the architect had changed along the riverside, where there used to be hundreds of  brick warehouses and large ships in the docks that gave many Londoners their livelihood (in the olden days)  had now changed to huge modern glass offices and housing blocks.

But, I thoroughly enjoyed it and am now happy that I had hung up my bunting this morning.

I could go on reminiscing all evening, but have to water the plants, now the sun isn't so hot, but will try very hard to keep my blog daily.


  1. I like the bunting...although I miss the hammock!!

  2. Hi Janet! thanks for you nice note on my blog. I'm home from Orvieto now, and back in San Diego. Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet. I'm teaching in Italy again next year, in Cinque Terre in October ( I'll see you there, in my workshop? Details will be on my blog, once they are settled.