Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Am I really on holiday

We decided as we dont have a holiday we will try to go to the beach a couple of times a week, even if it's just for a few hours, so this morning we rose early, fed the animals and went off for breakfast, a crispy croissant and a cappuchino at a lovely bar on the beach and just lazed around in the sun, read, did some more practice crochet until lunchtime, when we returned, I then made an easy salad lunch and have been messing around with paint, etc. all afternoon, yes I felt like I was on holiday. I usually try to practice my watercolour painting each day, but today just photographed some of them.

 Im not even going to cook tonight, we will just find'whatever's around'.

These are some of my studies that I do each day, they're not fantastic but I find it a good discipline to draw something and even paint it. I just leave everything out on my little desk in the bedroom and pick it up any time of the day when I can fit it in.

I'm have real trouble with the goats at the moment, Picasso has always been the boss, but he is being so aggressive to Botticelli (poor little chap) if I give any treats, he barges at everything that's in his way even the hens, so he gets everything, so tonight I shut Botti, in the shed, while he had a good hay feed and the silly boy  wanted to come out and join "old bully", I just cant win!!!!!!
Talking about winning, football is on AGAIN, European Championships, how I hate football, it takes over the whole household, (just a little moan)But please!!!!!!!!!! three bloody weeks, for goodness sake! I just heard my husband say," if England doesnt win past the first two weeks, he will not want to watch it, and I wont have to suffer quite so long. huh!

Well I said I wasn't going to drink so much during the week, but I think I will now have a glass of wine and sit outside and watch the sun go down. Well!!!! I am on holiday.


  1. Enjoy your holiday - sounds good to me! x

  2. I've had an interesting read of your blog. Thanks for your comment on mine. I chose to comment on this particular post because I can soooooo empathise with the football thing. I got sick of it. Ah well its over now. Just the Olympics to look forward to and thats a bit more varied.