Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Life can be a bowl of cherries

The weather was a little unsettled yesterday so decided to work a little in my workshop, I did a bit of everything, painting, spinning and very nearly finished warping up, it started to get too hot by mid afternoon so worked outside looking at the fleece I got at the weekend. They didn't know how to shear a sheep and it was very bitty, but I have some in soak at the moment to see how it washes, if it isn't good enough to spin, maybe I will be able to felt it, we will see.

This morning was very windy and grey so we decided to go to Ladispoli market to buy some more vegi plants and to have a rummage, it was sunny and very hot there, also very busy, so we popped in to see the grandchildren, they have finished school now so were at home, I feel so sad they are growing up so quickly, the youngest one Elenia is taller than me now and Alessia is almost 19, taking her final school exams next week, how time flies,we then went off to the beach for a picnic lunch, it was very nice.Such a simple easy few hours.

 On the drive there and back I practised crocheting circles, I don't have a very good book but wrote down the instructions from you tube, this is the outcome, well, not too bad for the first attempt. a little wonky but so am I. I don't know what I'm going to do, next, I would like to do granny squares, but really need a pattern to look at.

I'm off now to plant more tomato plants and cabbages, the cabbages I planted last week are all holey,not holy, the slugs have been a nightmare this year Im going to put salt around the plants to see if that keeps them away.


  1. Hi Janet - meant to say that we had success deterring English slugs last year with washed, dried and crushed eggshells. We have been saving the shells for this year. x

  2. must give it a try, sprinkled some salt last evening but will wash it away when I water the plants, thank youxx

  3. I have used also little dishes with beer in it (cheap beer) and the slugs love the smell go in and drown.. I also have used crushed egg shells but in our wind they blow away to quickly.

    Also, if you would like a great little insturction booklet about granny squares I would love to send you on I have here - it has 99 patterns in it and very easy to work with.. If interested just email me at ggerberlff@aol.com and give me your address.. Love for you to have it if you want it.


    1. Thank you emailing you right awayxxx