Saturday, 9 June 2012

Sheep shearing

I had some fun this morning at my friend Filippo's farm, he and his father were shearing his little flock of Jacob sheep, he telephoned me last week to ask whether I would like the wool and of course I said yes. When I arrived he had almost finished and last of all was the poor old ram who was enormous, he was flat out on the floor just about to be shaved, I must say they although they were kind to the animals, they obviously hadn't been to hairdressing school, and I saw all this beautiful wool being chunked off and mixed, but it was fine, I will have to take more time in sorting it out. I think there was probably a few kilos of poo stuck to some of it, but it'll come out in the wash .It was funny too, Fillipo and his dad were both wearing gloves, and kept saying don't touch it with your hands or you will smell for a week, but I love the smell of dirty fleece, am I odd?

 One of the sheep had given birth to a gorgeous little lamb the day previous and they were in a little pig sty together,so sweet. I was thinking, I wouldn't mind getting a lamb, do you think it would be too much work? They also had a little (he called it a buffalo) too, it looked like a hairy calf actually, he was so sweet too. Huge dewy eyes and a lovely wet nose that looked as though it had been stuck on.

 I think I should have married a farmer, because my husband looked as though he had a horrid smell under his nose the whole time, but I suppose we are all different. ha ha but I loved it.

Filippo then showed us round an old empty house that he is intending to renovate one day, I love to snoop in other peoples houses, it was great inside and oh what I could have done with it given a loose reign, it was super.

 I also went elderflower picking, as they are almost over, now turning into berries. I wanted to make some more cordial, the last batch was very nice and so refreshing served with ice and  lemon. So I've been doing that this afternoon.

I know I must be mad but we have six people or maybe eight, for lunch tomorrow, so I thought I would do Mexican which is quite easy and cheap, I am preparing most of it today, so I can relax some tomorrow, I do hope they like Mexican food though, cos Ive never seen any Mexican restaurants here in Italy and have never been served it either. So fingers crossed.


  1. Your not nuts many of us love that smell. I would have sceamed at the hack job but it is their sheep.. I had mexican tonight so I am with you easy to make, great to eat and easy on the pocket book. Have a great gathering.