Thursday, 7 June 2012


I didn't feel quite so tired today but a bit grumpy for no reason, I think it could be the medication that I'm taking, also it is very warm at night and we still have the winter duvet on the bed, which results in uneasy nights, it's too hot, grumpy mornings, not enough sleep.
 There is also a bird that has a call like an alarm and whoops all night and we actually closed the window last night,he was really loud. (does anyone know what the bird is? as Ive looked on the web and cannot find one with a call like this one)
 I was surprised by my beloved, who suggested we go out for lunch, one of my favourite things to do in summer-time, so jumped at the opportunity as we don't do it very often.

We drove up to a hilltop town called Montefiscone that overlooks the lake, the views are magnificent and guess what? I forgot to take my camera. We had a lovely simple lunch at a restaurant that overlooks a vast area of the lake it was stunning and was surprised that the restaurant was full, I thought Italy was in a recession, but people are still eating out, which is good.

My art group was cancelled today, so I took the goats walking for a couple of hours. When I went to bring them out of their paddock, Botticelli was missing, which is very unusual, so I ran into their shed, thinking the worst, he wasn't in there, and looked into the part that the hens sleep in and there he was, squashed on a very high shelf and wouldn't come down. I think Picasso had been bullying him, for when we finally got out of the paddock, he was all jittery and nervous, but settled down when we started to walk around, but keeping his distance from Picasso. They are so naughty!!!!. but quite well behaved on their walkabout, there was very little nibbling the olive trees today and listened when I growled NO!

I did a bit more warping up  (I know!!!!as I said before its a slow process and blinking hot in that shed I should be really slim as it's like a sauna)

 I then sat to watch the sun set, when, I then heard my neighbour calling my name so I crossed the field again, to see her with a baking tin, she had made us a large jam tart, to say thank you for the eggs I had given her last week, I was really touched, and realised how important good neighbours are, and how nice, it is to share things, especially when we have more than we need. We haven't had a single egg laid this week, but we will enjoy the tart.

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