Sunday, 17 June 2012

Muta Menta

Yesterday there was a group exhibiting things about the change and saving the environment etc. books about mother earth, things that had been handmade, info on growing ones own vegetables the synergenic way, one of my friends was selling her lovely patchwork pouffes stuffed with wool and made from old jeans, they were very effective, I didn't buy one because everything that I buy, like cushions, pouffes, turn into cat beds, not that I begrudge them, but we don't need another one.
 Someone was selling hand made soaps and there were small workshops going on during the weekend, one of the exhibitors was showing his sculptures made from found wood and electrical things, they were excellent. I didn't go to any of the workshops as it was very hot and came home and painted outside.

This morning we went to the canoe club, nice and early and took out the canoe for the first time this year, there were only a few people around and it was lovely and cool at this time, but later today the temperature rose to 104degrees on our terrace, it was so hot that after lunch I actually slept for about an hour, which is something I never do, I may take a nap but not usually for that long.
 It is much too hot in my workshop to start weaving, I think that I must get up very early and have an hour working then.

Im not having much joy with the fleece that I got, it has so many thistles and burrs in, I messed around with some yesterday but it was jolly hard work, I love the fleece I buy from Texere, lovely and  already cleaned and carded and so soft, I will persevere with the dirty though, It would be such a waste. Maybe I will make some cat beds. haha

Have a good week.  Janetx


  1. It certainly sounds hot - I must get my bikini ready!! x

  2. Just found your blog and became follower. I look forward to coming back to read future posts (: Looks like you're having fun!

    All my best,

    1. Thank you, Michele, I liked your ideas and philosophy too. Hope we meet soon, Janet